Saturday, 5 October 2013

Saturday, 7 March 2009

2 MTT's 2 cashes!!

A quickie post just to say i played two $2.25 tournies on fulltilt and first one i played came 3rd for $42! then played another and came 9th for $9.16! i feel i played very well in both games, but made a few mistakes on the second game when iw asnt concentrating fully when i had about 9k in chips and was sitting in about 8th place while the blinds were relatively low. I'm going to continue playing these small tournies consistently and see where it takes me lol....then hopefully once i build the roll up on fulltilt ill move to maybe the $5 and $10 buyin tournies. Not feeling well at all today (bad diarrhea)!! ewwwwww....which is why i cant belive the mtt results lol. Went for few drinks yest with a few mates and played a cash game only a little 0.10/0.20p game, bought in for £10 walked away with £20, ah well take it! Other than that still played some cash today on betfair first, losing about $25 there playing 0.25/0.50 when basically the money went in preflop with me having QQ and him AK....standard stuff...yes he hit i didnt. After that played PKR and made just over $50 there, it is very eaasy there, just very very slow.
Time to watch some heroes and 24 now i gotta catch up on, two shows which i absolutely luv....anyway thats the quick post over with, below is the screenshot from the 1st mtt i played if nobody belives me!! haha. (just click cos its a bit small)

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Back on Betfair again, with PKR and laddies on trial!

Yes yes i no a long time posting.....tbh i just forgot about this bloggin thingy! January was a total nil on the poker front, as i was busy sorting out my wedding plans (which i dnt think i mentioned). Honeymoon was finally decided and booked....cmon guess where...yes uve guess it VEGAS!, then new york then barbados. And vegas wasnt even my idea was hers! shes heard so much about it, well i would never say no would i lol, anyway thats in october so a way off from now but time should fly by. Neways......
Thats right i played over 10k hands for feb and really put a quite some effort into my play, majority being on betfair playing $0.50/1. I done quite well to start then went on a little downward trend, so unlike normal instead of stayin where i was, i actually moved down to 0.25/0.50$ and told myself i would stay there for the rest of the month. Its easy when u put time and effort in and actually play a vast number of hands, i realised before i had so many leaks in my cash game play which mainly came cos i was prone to tilting when gettin outdrawn or summin silly. I still play a bit reckless at times but ive started to just shut my machine down and lessen the tilt lmao!!
Towards the end of the month i started playing on PKR and laddies and see what kind of BR i can spin up there still playing the low stakes of course. PKR is so slow lol! very hard to multi table but its a tiny bit more enjoyable plus thers more donks there and at laddies than other sites ive found.......we shall see what happens this month.......can i make it 2 months in a row jesus that would be an accomplishment which i havnt seen for agessssss!! GL me.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

End of Year - Merry F-in Xmas

Well well....after playing £0.05/0.10 for a month then £0.15/0.25 this month im actually still in profit and ive played a tonn of hands which i cnt belive, so rare a profit is these days but which im very pleased with. I recently started playing $0.50/1 and testing $1/2 but i knw im properly rolled for it so wont be makin it my home just yet!! We all know this year has been down for me, majorly, but on we go for next year where discipline and bankroll management are my top targets. I aint even gonna set a goal to reach like i did this year for $100k lol! Oh ok ill set $10k for next year which i would be happy with....please please please i prey 2009 be it my year and there onwards.
One joke story while playing today at $1/2 was when some guy mentioned he was gettin TAXED......from poker!! I cudnt quite belive it TAXED from poker surely not lol. Quickly i figured he meant rake but just took the piss outa him, he really was unaware of anything and this was a player playing $1/2 jesus, wehre he goes tax is set at 5% lololol. WOT A DUM FK.

I dont quite know where to play when W-Hill moves to ipoker, dont relly like it there, but never really gave it a proper go, and what about rakeback and fishes??? Or do i go to Cake or Pokerstars or Fulltilt, ahhh questions questions.

Does people still read this shit ???

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Am i back?

Well.....i got just over $2 in rakeback from betfair lol! and ive got it up to $15 at time of writing this post. I played at 24+2 tourny on FT yest using some medals to gimme some token as i had no money haha, yes this converted to fuk all i busted 18/90 when my AKspades got busted. I was in top 10 in chips when flop comes 8A8 2 clubs on flop, he checks to me i bet 3/4 of pot and he shoves i tink for bit and i see its an easy call as i dnt put him on AA or an 8, neway he turns over 99? yeh basically it cam eon river with me fuming as it would of put me 3rd in chips and this tourny i probably played my best poker ive ever played.......ahhhh what can you do...cmon poker gods... ONE TIME!!!!!
Right so other than that screwage im confused lol....i dunno whether to carry on pursue cash or go to tournies or shall i go to full ring cash in stead of six max, decistions decisions, any ideas??
Went to rileys recently won the tournie there for like 146 pounds usual crap 25 player thing, even tho i won i still wasnt happy lol....ohh i dunno maybe im ill. Other than that i just been working fulltime not much poker playing but quite a bit of watching which makes a change jus railing high stakes and medium games and also end game situations in MTT's, also a note is it me or has even low stakes NL got a lot harder, ahh well maybe im rusty but i swear when i used to play this years ago it wasnt like this, bludy fish got better and the biggest one has jus been gettin eaten up this all up for looking at turning bad into good negative into positive so heres my 50 millionth time to make it as a poker player.........

Saturday, 26 July 2008


Yep im fucked, apart frm playing the odd mtt for low stake or a 0.05/0.10p blind cash game, basically means im broke as fuck.....ahhh man i need to stop this whole poker thing lol! I dnt think i will somehow.....
Neway GL probably may not post for a while.

Monday, 2 June 2008


I played a $5 MTT yesterday and ended up blubbling at 28th ffs! I was chip leader probably about 5 or 6 hands prior to this and managed to blow the whole stack just like that!!! Was on corse to win the bludy thing and played well throughout up until that point when i played likea proper donkey....i duno why i do it sometimes when i get myself in good positions like that. I'm trying to find the HH for but cnt seem to.
I also played the $10k guaranteed on Whill earlier and went out early in that where i had basically had AA he called with 88 and hit set...standard stuff. Up until these 2 tournies i think ive placed in every one ive played recently, long may it continue just higher up the pay positions( Basically 1st) lol!
I'm currently playing a $3 knockout tourny on FT right now 6655 in chips 165 players left, blinds 50/100, cmonnn lets win this one!!
People out there may be wondering why i havnt posted anything about my cash game playing recently, well thats because ive decided to keep that hush hush , dunno maybe im superstitious, but everytime i tell ppl i start losing again, and if keep my trap shut i start winning....ahh well lets see hw it goes neway. GL chavies.

On another note an MTV version of cribs for poker players from cardplayer if u havnt had a look, personally Eli elezra's house seems the best!! check it out.